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Healthy and Safety

Safe Contractor Approved: DQ7779

  • TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd is committed to achieving significant and major improvement in performance towards better standards in every aspect of the business. Proper attention to health, safety and welfare is an indispensable part of this commitment. We believe that injuries, occupational illness and damage to property can be prevented.
  • TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd recognizes the importance of providing a working environment, which is safe and healthy for all employees, contractors and members of the public and undertakes to comply with relevant legal requirements.
  • We have determination and drive to bring about safe working practices in all company activities and to see that such persons are not harmed by our activities or working practices.
  • It is acknowledged that it is the responsibility of TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd to provide the correct circumstances under which work can be carried out safely. In particular, TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd undertakes to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment, safe premises and safe systems of work. TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd will provide information, instruction, training and supervision in safety matters to all employees in order to achieve these objectives.
  • However, all employees and contractors have a legal duty not only to work safely, but also to co-operate with the employer in their efforts to create safe working conditions. Employees will therefore be encouraged to participate in all safety matters to identify hazards which may exist and to report any condition which may appear dangerous or unhealthy and to ensure that each employee accepts their own responsibility not to endanger theirself or others and/or actively assist in fulfilling the requirements and spirit of the Health and Safety at Work Act .
  • Whilst the final responsibility for matters of Health and Safety rests with the Managing Director of TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd, all employees and visitors to the premises must clearly understand that they also have a duty to ensure the sealth and safety of themselves and others. This includes reporting back to their managers any dangerous or unsatisfactory condition and making suggestions for the improvement of existing facilities and arrangements.
  • This Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees upon induction and at regular intervals via job appraisals, visually within the workplace and upon annual review.

All members of TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd who authorize work to be carried out by others must ensure the health and safety of all persons involved directly or indirectly by assessing adequacy of resources and competency prior to commencement. TMD Interior Projects & Building Services Ltd will give full support to all those who endeavor to carry out the company policy.